About Me

I'm RebelRed. I am a divorced mom of two who dedicated most of her time to her children. I'm a middle aged parent and a domestic violence survivor . I've been single a long time. Due to domestic violence issues with my ex, AND my issues recovering from it, I have spent a lot of time alone with my sexuality. My kids have now flown the nest, and I have time for myself. How did i survive sexually all this time? It's been trial and error. I'm hear to help discuss some of the things I've found out about myself and sex as I've matured in this modern era.

No matter what stage of your exploration you should know, there is no shame in it. We all have misinformation about many things about sex.

I've started this website because oftentimes, when we go down that rabbit hole looking for sex toys, we fall into the blissful abyss of sex for hours. I found this intriguing. Time slips by, and you're swept away by your fantasies and desires. It's always an excitingly good deep dive into your naked pleasures.

Welcome to the blissful abyss of fetish and sex toys. Browse around. Use your imagination of what you can do with these great products, but don't be too creative as we don't want to hear you've had an accident while using one! (Winks)

I have been on the fringes of the BDSM community for a while, and it always fascinated me. I am definitely a fetish enthusiast, which is why we have some stuff for the novices and experienced a like. As we develop more contacts, we will have a wider variety of products. If you have a product or service you'd like to advertise or sell on our site, please let me know.

I think sex toys are great for both men and women. I believe in equality, so this site is for the men and the women who love to get off with sex toys of all different types. Learn to explore our many toys and visit my blog for more exciting discussions about sex and middle age. I will explain all I've learned in my years in the alternative live style of kink and fetishes.

Perhaps you're a little bit into fetish and want to try out some of those exciting toys.

Don't be shy! Get as many as you want. I give you permission.

This is for all those hard-working men and women who just need to get off to get a good nights sleep or when they need to start their day right. Perhaps you want to share it with a partner. All the better!

We support your naked pleasures. Explore your fantasies. Get lost in the blissful abyss of sex. Enjoy.

One final note. I hope you will agree. We have a problem with domestic abuse in America. 25 to 33% of ppl over all have been victims of domestic violence. I know this statistic because i am one.

As a survivor of domestic violence with kids, there aren't many roads to success. This is why Blyssful Abyss supports non-profits that support domestic violence awareness education and other domestic violence programs.

Thank you for your support